Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Yellowstone Lamar Valley And The Best Wildlife Sightings Yet

Today we were heading to the one part of Yellowstone we had not visited, Lamar Valley and the Cooke City Entrance.

We had not been on the road long when we spied this beautiful wolf just hanging out on the other side of a pond less than fifty yards from the side of the road.

We stopped and took our pictures from the car.

What a beautiful animal!

We made a quick stop at Mammoth Springs, but continued on as we had a ways to go.

The mountains were covered with more snow from yesterday's snowfall.

Just as we made the turn on the road toward Cooke City, I saw this herd of bighorn sheep gathered on a small hill.

We drove a little further, and saw a lot of cars on the side of the road. After conferring with some of the other people, they pointed out the bear everyone was looking at.  It had laid down in the grass, but Jim's camera was able to zoom down for a picture.

We were super excited about seeing a bear in Yellowstone, but it just got better.  We came across another group of cars and this time the black bear was walking around a big group of logs.

We were so excited about this one, but it wasn't over.  A little while later we saw some more cars and this time it was a grizzly bear.  You can tell the difference because a grizzly has a hump on its back.  The grizzly was walking down below in a field about 400 yards from us.

That was it for the bears, but we felt like we had hit the jackpot to see that many bears in Yellowstone.

As we got to Lamar Valley, we saw the bison in the valley surrounded by snow covered mountains.

We headed out the park and into the little town of Cooke City.  We couldn't go any further as the highway turns into the Beartooth Highway and that is closed until Memorial Day weekend.

We headed back into Yellowstone, but had to stop for this picture with the entrance sign and a snow covered mountain in the background.

What a wonderful day with nature!

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