Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Devil's Tower and Little Bighorn

We left Hart Ranch about 10 and headed west to Wyoming.  Our destination was Devil's Tower National Monument.  We wanted to stay in the campground there.  We arrived about 12:30 and had no problem finding a spot.  I'll say it again, I love traveling before summer.  We had a great view of Devil's Tower out our front window.

After we got settled, we took the car to the Visitor's Center and hiked around the base trail.

There was a group of climbers on the wall.  We watched for awhile, but didn't see much progress.

After our one night at Devil's Tower, our next stop was the Little Bighorn Battlefield.  I was surprised by the openness of the area.

This is a sculpture that has been added to honor the Native Americans.

This hill was the site of Custer's last stand.

The gravestones mark where each body was found after the battle.  General Custer is the one in black.  His remains were later removed and buried at West Point.

It is always interesting to see where something in history has actually occurred.


  1. Wait a minute. Hmmmm....5vr in the header picture, class A in the post and a comment about the view out the front window. Do you have a new home???

  2. Yes, we purchased a motorhome last year. I got tired of following my husband in the car when we were traveling.