Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Crazy Horse Memorial and More Animal Encounters

This was our last day in black hills of South Dakota.  We decided to visit the Crazy Horse Memorial. It is about 15 miles from Mount Rushmore and was begun in 1948 by Korczak Ziolkowski.  It is still not complete. Korczak died in 1982 and his wife and children have carried on with the sculpture.

We took a bus to the base of the monument for a closer look.

This is the model of the sculpture down at the visitor's center.  You can see the mountain sculpture in the background.  It was interesting learning more about Crazy Horse and learn more about the different battles from the Native American perspective.

After our visit to Crazy Horse, we decided to make one last trip through Cody State Park and the Wildlife Loop.

Every visit there is different.  We just love seeing the bison and their babies.

As we were driving, we notice several cars stopped with people out and a group of burros surrounding them.  We parked away from them to take pictures and all of a sudden the burros headed for us.  They were quite friendly.  I was hesitant at first thinking they might bite me, but I think they were looking for a handout.  We've been to too many national parks and know better than to feed the animals.

The burros loved rubbing their heads on our car mirrors.  We were laughing so hard watching them and then they began licking the car.  We couldn't get back in the car until they decided they were leaving.

What a fun day! You just never know what you are going to come across.

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  1. We loved the burros on that road too. We made the mistake of putting a window down. Ha ha, joke was on us when two burros stuck their heads in the window.