Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Friday, May 27, 2016

Banff National Park

We left Waterton Lakes National Park on Friday, excited about our next destination, Banff National Park.  The day began sunny, but as we got closer to Banff the clouds turned black and there was intermittent rain.  As we approached the park we could only make out outlines of the mountains behind the clouds and fog. I'm sure it's a glorious view on a clear day, but it wasn't so much today.

As we reached the town, things began to clear up and we began looking for our campground.  We are staying at the Tunnel Mountain Campground inside the park.  We made our way up the mountain and checked in.  Here's our campsite, the motorhome is at the bottom left.  We have full hookups here too.

 After we set up, we went in to the town nestled among the mountains.  Last week was Canada's big three day weekend, similar to our Memorial Day, so this weekend which is Memorial Day weekend is not very crowded.

We have never been here before, but after talking to other people, parking places are pretty nonexistent in the summer.  We have been able to park at every attraction without any problems.

I have been playing around with my panoramic setting on my phone. Here's one at the overlook looking down on the Banff Springs Hotel.

A closer look at the Banff Springs Hotel.  It's been kind of funny,  our license plate has attracted quite a bit of attention.  Whenever we stop, almost always, someone comments about how far we are from home.  One man stopped and asked if we had driven all the way from Texas.  We said yes and he said I thought I had come a long way, I'm from Australia.  I told him I thought he had still come further than we had. :)

We headed to Bow Falls which is just on the other side of town by the golf course.  This is the whole view, the falls are on the left side of the picture.

Here's a closer look at Bow Falls.

There are so many gorgeous lakes around here.  This is Johnson Lake.

There are also hoodoos here.  We took a hike around the overlook.

There are more awesome views here.

We have noticed these red chairs all over the Canadian National Parks.  They are placed at viewpoints for people to stop and take some time to admire these wonderful settings.  This is a meadow overlooking Banff.

Here's a panoramic view from the top.

We have not been disappointed with the beauty of this place!

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  1. I visited the park last year when I went to Calgary. It is gorgeous.