Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Off To Canada!

We have been at Mountain Meadows RV Resort in Hungry Horse, Montana the last five days.  It is a beautiful tree covered rv park, however, it has rained pretty much the entire time we have been here. In fact the the last three days, it has been nonstop.

One day we ran out to the Hungry Horse Dam.

We also went out West Glacier to the little town of Polebridge following a dirt road to the little community.

 We stopped at

to pick up a huckleberry bear claw.  It was delicious. We were hoping to see wildlife, but none of them wanted to be seen.

We spent Monday getting ready to cross over to Canada.  We stopped by the Alberta Visitor's Center in West Glacier and had some wonderful help from the ladies there.  We were given a great road map to Alberta with suggested roads to take and it also included a 2 for 1 pass to some of Alberta's tourist attractions.  They also gave us a guide of what to take and not to take across the border.  I didn't have much meat left, but I cooked the chicken I had left.  I used up the eggs and we tossed our lettuce, tomatoes and one avocado.  I also cleaned the motorhome, because if we were going to be searched, I didn't want to have a messy place. (I know I'm weird like that)

We left the rv park at 8:30 Tuesday morning and arrived at the border station about 11:00.  The border agent looked at our passports, asked Jim: Where are you going (Waterton Lakes, Banff, Jasper and then through Canada to Alaska), Where are you coming from (San Antonio, Texas), Do you have any guns or weapons (No), alcohol (1 bottle of wine), how long will we be in Canada (21 days), then he told us to have a great trip.

Welcome to Canada!

About 45 minutes later we arrived at Waterton Lakes National Park.   We are staying in the campground inside the park with full hookups and beautiful view.

This is our view outside the window.

Here is the lake by the park close enough to walk to.

While checking out the village (there is a little town within this park), we saw this house surrounded by bighorn sheep.  In Texas, we have deer all around that like to eat the shrubs. Here the bighorn sheep and mule deer are all over the town.

Lots of people walked by, but it didn't bother these guys.

Here are some other views around the park.

This is the Prince of Wales Hotel sitting above the town and overlooking the lake.

Tomorrow, it looks like the morning will be nice and hopefully we can take the boat cruise around the lake.


  1. Looks like you all are moving along. Love seeing your pictures. We are regretting not going. Be safe and keep posting!

    1. It's not too late if you want to go. Things are just beginning to open up.

  2. You have one breath-taking photo after another. And I love the mountain goats. Seems every place we've been to try to find mountain goats, it's a hard search looking high up on cliffs with binoculars. Yet, here they are right in town in people's yards. Sheesh. We've been looking in the wrong places apparently.

    Enjoy Alberta. You are in for quite the scenery.