Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Glacier National Park East Glacier

Today we traveled to the eastern side of Glacier NP.  If you go to Glacier in the summer when the Going to the Sun Road is completely opened you can make the 50 mile drive at one time.  This time of year, in order to see the eastern side you have to drive around the park.  It took us two hours to get to Glacier, but it was a pretty drive.

We entered at Two Medicine looking down at Two Medicine Lake and the surrounding mountains.

It was too early to eat lunch, but this was a picnic area there.  We saw no other people the whole time we were here.

We made a quick bathroom stop and as I was coming out, these mountain goats were going through the fire rings in the area.  I have no idea what they were eating, but they kept going while I stood there watching them.

We watched them move to a more scenic part of the area.

We left Two Medicine and continued down the road to St Mary.  I did not realize how shut down everything was over here this time of the year.  The Visitor's Center was not open and very little in St Mary seemed to be open yet.

This is Saint Mary Lake.

We were told that on the eastern side of the park, you feel a part of the big mountains.  You are right there by them.

At one of the roadside pullouts was this giant snow covered mountain and when you look down at the bottom left, there was a waterfulls

that looked like this with my zoom lens.

We continued on admiring the views. We went as far as we could go, Nelson Glacier.

As we were stopped at the Nelson Glacier Overlook, this deer came out of the brush and meandered down the highway.

We made one last stop for another look at Saint Mary Lake.
 On our way back, we  passed one herd of horses on the road and then came upon another small herd. They were on the road, so we are thinking they were wild horses.

I was able to get a picture of this colt posing on the side of the road, his mother was just a few feet away grazing.
It was another beautiful day!

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