Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Where Does The Time Go ?????

I can't believe it's been over 4 weeks since I last wrote a blog.  It seems when I get within a 60 mile radius of where we used to live I just stop. :)

We have used this time to have fun with family, grandkids, and friends, followup on some doctor's appointments and have some work done on the rig and truck.

We had fun meeting Jim and Dee who write the blog Tumbleweed.  We have followed them for several years and were excited to see they were passing through central Texas on their travels westward.  We made contact and were able to arrange a time to meet and have lunch together.  I forgot my camera, but they are so good about posting regularly, you can read all about it here.  It is so fun to meet after having read their blog for so long.

We had all three grand girls out to the rv for a sleepover.

Of course, we had to roast marshmallows for s'mores.

We also had an Easter egg hunt with lots of places to hide eggs at the campground in McKinney Falls State Park.

I was able to get them to slow down for a minute so I could get a picture of them with their "Pawpaw".

After Easter, we moved to Greentree Village RV Park in San Antonio and have been here almost a month.  There has been lots of visiting and we have also had some time to sort and organize our stuff.  Jim has also made a few modifications putting in some extra shelves to make storage a little easier.

We have met our friends Bob and Susan from Travelbug several times enjoying a couple of Volksmarches as well.

All four of us went to Wimberly for one.  You can read Susan's version in her blog as well.

Bob had hurt his foot so he studied for an upcoming test while we continued on the Volksmarch.  We met their friends, Darren and Susan as well as another Volksmarcher, Carol and continued on.  The humidity was really high so it felt good to stop for a minute.

There were some interesting sights along the way.

The next Saturday, I met Susan downtown and we did the downtown San Antonio Volksmarch there.  It's such a great way to see the entire city.  Here's Susan's blog link for the walk.  She has a lot more pictures and details.

On Mother's Day, Susan invited us to join them for Brunch.  She prepared a wonderful breakfast. Darren and Susan and Bob's mother and sister were there as well. 

It was a wonderful time and we all took a minute to pose together,

the ladies

and the gentlemen.

Here's Susan's take on the morning.

We even had a special wildlife sighting.  As we were getting ready to take pictures, someone spied this lizard.  It looked like a horned toad except the body was not wide enough and the tail was too long. I haven't found out what exactly it was, but it was neat looking.

That afternoon, we drove to Austin to see our oldest granddaughters dance program.  That was fun too.

We still have a few more days in San Antonio before we head back over to the Thousand Trails in Columbus for a couple of weeks.  Then, we will begin our trek through the midwest.  After our chilly summer in the Northwest last year and our Florida trip this winter, we decided to take a s-l-o-w trip through the midwest, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and North Carolina then back to Texas by November.

Stay tuned.