Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Friday, January 4, 2013

Where Did The Sun Go?

It has been a cold dreary week here in central Texas.  I don't think the highs were ever out of the 40's.  Even though it's been chilly outside, we have had some good times with friends.

On Saturday, our friends Bob and Susan from Travel Bug came out to our fiver.  We took the 15 mile trip to Lockhart, the barbeque capital of Texas.  I know of 4 barbeque restaurants there, but Kreuz is my favorite and that's where we went. :)

We got there a little after 12 and the line was almost to the door.  We visited while we waited and then made our way up to the room with the pits and placed our meat order.

After a great lunch and more visiting, we headed back to the fiver so Bob and Susan could teach us how to play pinochle.  We had a great time learning a new game and are looking forward to playing again.  We enjoyed the evening playing pinochle, watching the Alamo Bowl and munching on the snacks Bob and Susan brought.

The park had a potluck dinner on New Year's Eve that we attended.  We enjoyed visiting with others here in the park as well as sharing and hearing about each other's travel stories.

The rest of the week has been spent trying to organize our pictures.  There are 40,000 pictures on our external hard drive that have been recovered from another drive and I am attempting to put them in folders.  There's 10 years worth of pictures that need to be sorted.  I think this is going to keep me busy for awhile.  I am also going through our pictures we took this summer.  We both love taking pictures, but neither of us are very good about going through them and deleting the bad pictures.  So, I now have abut 10,000 pictures from our spring/summer travels to go through.  I think when this is all over I will have learned my lesson to go through the pictures more often.

Tomorrow, we're planning on meeting Bob and Susan in San Antonio for a volksmarch.  I'm hoping for a little warmer weather.  :)