Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Banff Just Keeps On Inspiring

The views here just keep on getting more and more inspiring.

Yesterday, we drove to Lake Louise taking the Bow Valley Parkway.  The views were breathtaking!

This is Castle Mountain

and Morant's curve.  Nicholas Morant in the mid-20th century took this picture as promotional material for the Canadian Pacific Railway and it has become an iconic image recognized around the world.

This is a monument to remember those who were sent here during World War I.

We arrived at Lake Louise.  There are colorful signs like this at the various entrances.

I snapped a picture of the Chateau Lake Louise.

We were lucky and found a parking place in the first parking lot making for a short walk to Lake Louise.

A panoramic view.

After spending some time around Lake Louise, our next stop was Lake Moraine.  The temperature here was 49 degrees with the wind blowing, so it made for a nippy visit.

We drove out to Kootenay National Park today.  The blue green water in the Kootenay River was beautiful.

You just don't get tired of the views.

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  1. Wait until you see some of the massive waterfalls, like Athabasca Falls. The power of that water is amazing!