Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Monday, June 20, 2016

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Sadly, we had to leave Skagway on Saturday to continue on our next phase of our Alaskan adventure.   

We had not been on the road for long before we saw a car pulled over.  Jim looked down and saw a bear on the other side of the guardrail.  There was no one behind him so he was able to pull over for us to watch it for a few minutes.  The bear was so close I took this picture from my side window with no zoom on my lens.  It's just so fascinating to observe these animals in the wild.  It could have cared less about us, it was too busy munching on these plants.

I think the view out today was prettier than the day we arrived.

We had to enter Canada again.  This time I had to show them Roscoe's rabies certificate along with the other usual questions we are asked.  We are back in the Yukon.  Also, our time changed again.  Skagway is on Alaska time which is three hours earlier than central time and Canada is on Pacific time.

It wasn't long before we passed the Carcross Desert, the world's smallest desert.

Next stop, Rainbow Lake, absolutely breathtaking.  The rainbow like colors result from blue-green light waves reflecting off the white sediment of the lake bottom.

Our destination was Whitehorse, capitol city of the Yukon.

We tried to do as much as we could in the two days we were here.  The Visitor's Center is always a good first stop.  We got maps and a three day parking pass for downtown.

We visited the S.S. Klondike which you can go aboard on a self guided tour.

We also attended the Frantic Follies, a cute vaudeville show.

Miles Canyon is a mile down the road from where we are staying.  The Yukon River runs through it.

This morning we hiked along the blue green water.

Just on the other side of the canyon, float planes land and take off on the river.

We also visited the world's largest weather vane, a DC-3.  The wind was blowing so we were even able to see it move.

There was also the Whitehorse Dam and Fish Ladder.  The wooden fish ladder was built the year after the Whitehorse Dam was built to allow spawning salmon to reach the creeks where they were born. It is the world's longest wooden fish ladder.

So many interesting things,  and there's still more, hopefully, we can see on our return trip.

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