Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Whitehorse to Dawson City

We left Whitehorse and turned right on the Klondike Highway on the way to Dawson City.  

There were some great views of the Yukon River from the highway.

At another highway overlook we spotted this moose chomping on the marshy grasses.

We saw this bear on the edge of the highway and stopped to watch until it disappeared into the woods.  It looked like it had recently tangled with something else looking at the wound on the hind leg.

We traveled about 160 miles today to Pelly Crossing and stayed at the campground across the street from the general store.  It was a great campground on the river, no hookups, but free!

I don't know if you ever get really used to the never-ending days.  I love them myself, but we have learned to totally black out our bedroom so we can sleep at night.

This picture was taken at 10:30 p.m.

The next day we left Pelly Crossing to travel the next 150 miles to Dawson City, the final destination for many of the "stampeders" during the Klondike Gold Rush.  Once we arrived in Dawson City, we planned to take the George Black Ferry over the Yukon River and stay at the Yukon River Provincial Campground.   The ferry goes back and forth 24 hours a day during the summer.  They are very experienced in handling the rv traffic and we had no problem getting on (we were first in line) and off at the other side.

Just as soon as we got off the ferry, the Yukon River Campground was on the right.  We drove through some bumpy roads and found this great campsite right on the river.  The Yukon River here is dark and muddy looking, not the pretty blue green we saw in Whitehorse.  It was still nice.

After getting set up, we took the car back over on the ferry to check out Dawson City.  This area was also a favorite fishing grounds for members of the First Nations, but when gold was discovered, it became a boomtown.  Most of it probably looks very similar to the way it looked in the early 1900's.

There are raised wooden sidewalks throughout and the streets are still dirt roads.

This is another historic riverboat, the Keno.

You see a lot of cabins like this.

A tour riverboat going down the Yukon.

We also drove up to the top of Midnight Dome where you can see the Yukon River on one side and the Klondike River on the other.

As we were driving back to our campsite, this bird was standing in the middle of the road. I am pretty sure it is a Willow Ptarmigan, the state bird of Alaska.  Of course, we are seeing it in Canada. :)

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  1. Waterfalls, wildlife, spectacular views...you're spoiled rotten.