Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Friday, June 10, 2016

Lakes, Wildlife, and Hot Springs

We left Buckinghorse Provincial Park on Tuesday, not sure how far we would go for the day.  We stopped at Fort Nelson to refuel the motorhome and then continued down the road.

We made a stop at Tetsa River Lodge

to try their cinnamon buns.  Served hot and so good.

Just as we left the lodge, we had to stop for this herd of stone sheep.  They were licking the minerals from the rock and didn't want to move.  We watched them for awhile, then Jim began to inch the motorhome by them.

We also saw our first caribou, a whole herd of them, but were going too fast to get a good picture.

Driving down the road, spotting moving animals, and then trying to focus on them with your autofocus zoom lens is extremely difficult.

We saw this moose on the side of the road and I barely got a picture of it before he scampered into the woods.

We continued on a winding mountain road with quite a few inclines.  The scenery was magnificent.

We finally reached our destination, Muncho Lake.  The blue green color of the lake was breathtaking.

We had traveled over 800 miles in three days. For us, that is a lot of driving at once.  We decided to stay two nights at the Muncho Lake MacDonald Campground, another BC provincial park.

We snagged a sight right on the lake.

It was so relaxing to just look out over the water.  The lake was like glass both days reflecting the mountains behind it.

Thursday, we left at 10:00.  We weren't in too much of a hurry as our next stop was 33 miles down the highway.  However, we didn't know about the construction going on in this part.  There were two sections with pilot cars taking you through the construction causing quite a delay.  We were really glad we hadn't plan to go far this day.

We reached our next stop at Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park.  We found a great spot and backed the motorhome into it.

We ate lunch, changed into our swimsuits and headed down the boardwalk

to the Liard Hot Springs.  A natural hot springs feeds into the pool at one end.  At that point the water is a little over 100 degrees.  As you move down the pool, the water gets cooler.

It was so wonderful to relax in the clear, warm water.  We spent two nights here and went down to the springs twice each day.

We have had four relaxing days, time to get moving!

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  1. Liard Hot Springs is just my cup of tea. I would love to hang out there for sure.