Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Walk In The Clouds

Rain was predicted for today, it looked like the heaviest would be later in the afternoon.  We thought we better get out early to see some of the park.  Our first stop was the Interpretive Center just next to our campsite.  We saw two types of woodpeckers,

the Ladder-backed Woodpecker

and the Acorn Woodpecker

There was also a Scrub Jay

and Blue Grosbeak

After spending some time at the Nature Center, we decided to take the short Montezuma Quail trail, eight-tenths of a mile.

However, when we began we realized it was pretty much straight uphill.  We began our walk through the rugged landscape.

As we climbed higher, we could see our trailer.  It's the first one on the left.

We continued our walk and caught a glimpse of Indian Lodge.

The clouds were beginning to roll in as we reached the top. We looked down on the other side where the highway goes by the park.

We began our journey downward and saw this small group of javelina.

We reached the bottom just in time as the raindrops began to fall.  As we were walking back to our site, this mule deer walked in front of us, not a bit concerned by us.

We reached home just as the rain came pouring down.  Sure am glad we got out when we did. :)


  1. Be wary of those javelina. Locals tell me if one charges you to shoot it or run because they're vicious.

  2. I love your bird pics!!! What a great hike.