Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Friday, May 4, 2012

Birding at South Llano River State Park

It looks like just about everyone here at the park right now has gone to the birds. Our 300mm zoom lens looks like a midget compared to most people's camera equipment we have seen. We have managed to get some pretty good pictures, though. So, if you don't like birds, stop reading now.

There are four blinds here to birdwatch. We have gone to all of them and there is always something different to see.

The Painted Bunting has always been one of our favorites. It's the kind of bird you do not expect to see in Texas.

Here's another picture of a male (the one with all the colors) and female Painted Bunting.

And another one with a House Finch.

This is a Carolina Chickadee.

And a Lesser Goldfinch.

And a Summer Tanager.

We even saw a Vireo in her nest!
I think this a Bell's Vireo.

We're having a great time. The only thing is our internet is extremely slow. I can pull up e-mails if I wait, but we have to go into town 5 miles away to the library in order to do anything on the internet. We're looking into some boosters that may be able to boost our signal. Our little Sleek just isn't doing the job.
Location:Junction, TX


  1. What lovely pics! We stopped in at South Llano while we were in the neighborhood (before the RV Rally). We saw a vermilion flycatcher, summer tanagers (male and female) and a curve-billed thrasher. Definitely want to go back and camp there for a week or so.

  2. We may have to explore that area. We love the birds. We feed them at our site here at Blazing Star, but we haven't seen any that beautiful. It looks like you are having fun, and retirement is suiting you.