Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Final Day at South Llano River and Travel Days

Monday, we left South Llano River State Park, but we had to post one more bird that was a first for us.

An Orchard Oriole

We have had a wonderful time here, however, it was time to move on.

We left Junction about 10:00 and would have to drive a little over 200 miles to Fort Stockton.  We arrived in Fort Stockton without incident and found the rv park we would be staying for one night.  It wasn't anything but basically a parking lot, but it was a Passport America park, so we were able to stay there half price. :)

This morning, we left as early as we could get going, about 9:30.  We only had 100 miles to go to our next destination. Showers were in the area and it looked like they were only going to get worse in the afternoon.

We headed down I-10 and hadn't gone too far when we noticed all traffic going over the median to a small access road on the right. When Jim got closer, he radioed me that he was going to take the fifth wheel over the median too.

Here's why

Hopefully, no one was hurt.  The truck covered the entire double lane of I-10.  The only way around was over the median.  I was following in my car and was too nervous watching the fifth wheel go bumping along over the grass to take a picture.  We were all successful in crossing the median, then we had to cross over again to get back onto I-10.

We made it to Davis Mountains State Park a little before noon.  It was an uphill climb most of the way with the weaving roads.  We have made the drive before and know it is beautiful.  Today, however, not so much. The clouds were so low and heavy, we could only see the road and maybe 10-15 feet on each side.

We arrived and parked in our site.  Full hookups and we are pleasantly surprised that we can get internet on the mifi as well as the free park internet from the nature center.  We  do not have cell phones unless we go to the top of Skyline Drive.

We set out the bird feeder on the picnic table hoping the birds might come visit.  Immediately, we had about 6 Black Headed Grossbeaks come.

Hummingbirds also came to the feeders on the windows.

We have a pretty view of the mountains and Indian Lodge from our windows.  It was too rainy to get a good picture today.   It looks like it's going to be raining off and on the next few days.  This area really needs it.  There were a lot of fires here last year and the grass is still really brown.

We're looking forward to revisiting favorite places and seeing new ones.

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