Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Monday, February 27, 2012

Goose Island State Park And More Whooping Cranes

It was a foggy morning.  We were really lucky the weather was so good on Sunday, as it was our only nice day while we were at Mustand Island State Park.  Today we are going to drive to Rockport to eat at Charlotte Plummer's and look around Goose Island State Park.

We loaded onto the ferry to cross over to the mainland.

We arrived at Charlotte Plummer's about 1:00 and had a wonderful lunch on the second floor overlooking the bay.

 After lunch, we drove over to the Big Tree to see if we could find a pair of whooping cranes we had been told were sometimes there. They were not there so we drove around and saw two tall white birds in a distance. As we got closer, we know we had found the pair. They were feeding at a deer feeder.  The deer feeder gives you a perspective of how  big they are.

We watched them for awhile and then drove over to Goose Island State Park. We didn't see anything over there, so we decided to go back one more time to see if the pair we had seen were still there.  They were, and a pair of sandhill cranes had joined them!

We watched them and I attempted to digiscope with my flip camera and scope.  It's not the best, but here is a one minute video of it.

We were watching and all of a sudden they took off.  Jim was talking to another man, but managed to get this picture of them flying off.  It was really neat to see such big birds take off and fly away!

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