Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Friday, July 15, 2016

Wildlife Cruise To Seldovia

We have been extremely fortunate to have had some wonderful weather while traveling in Alaska and Canada, but not every day is sunny and blue skies.  Today, our wildlife cruise to Seldovia started out grey, cloudy, and cold.

We took a boat cruise that passed Gull Island

where we were able to get our first look at Puffins! (that little guy with the orange beak)

along with some Murres doing a mating dance.

Then, we stopped to watch this humpback whale.


The sea otters were cute.

You never get tired of seeing the eagles!

This picture is not completely focused but you can see the talons as he is going in

for the landing.

More sea otters

Those back feet are some heavy duty paddlers

A shipwreck on one of the islands.

There were some neat rock formations in the water.

Here's a Black Oystercatcher

and its chick.

More formations

Another humpback whale!

You can get an idea of how enormous this is.

The tail fluke as it dives deep into the water.

More sea otters.

They are just too cute

We arrive at Seldovia and have a few hours to explore and eat lunch.  This is a Russian Orthodox Church there.

The skies began to clear upon our arrival and we had blue skies on our way back to Homer.


  1. I love this boat trip and all the critters you saw. You need to put on a travelogue movie when you return! The weather is awesome and your views are insane.

  2. Are you planning to take the 26-Glacier Cruise by Phillips Cruises? We did and loved it!!

    Also, I hope you are traveling to Valdez to see the end of the pipeline. When we went you could take a tour that started at a tavern, I believe. You go on a school bus and it was one of the most interesting tours we have been on.