Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Sunday, July 10, 2016

We Saw Denali!

The next day Jim took a shuttle to Wonder Lake and I decided to hang out at the campground.

His view at the Visitor's Center was much better than the day before.

He made it to Wonder Lake

and hung out there for awhile before coming back on the bus.  This was a 9 hour round trip bus ride from our campground.

The next day was our best weather we had had our entire stay here.  We caught the bus hoping we could see some great things as this would be our last trip out.

We were not disappointed, as we came to our first overlook, we saw the mountain!

Everyone was so excited.

You just couldn't stop snapping pictures.

We got to the Eilson Visitor's Center while we still had a view and within 20 minutes the mountain clouded back up and you couldn't see a thing.  We decided to head back to the campground as the show was over.

Animals we saw on our trip out and back:
Dall Sheep

Grizzly Bear Cubs

Grizzly with its cub

Another grizzly looking back at us

Grizzly a long ways off in a river bed

Ptarmigan family crossing the road

Another Dall sheep herd

We enjoyed our stay at Denali and felt so blessed to be able to see the mountain in her glory.

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  1. We were very lucky when we went to Denali a number of years ago. We saw the mountain two days in a row. We took a school bus to the visitor center. Wow, I didn't remember it was such a long ride. I was too enamored seeing caribou and grizzly bears from our bus. One grizzly was right next to the road and could lower our windows and take photos of it. It paid us no mind.