Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wrapping Up Yosemite

Saturday, we pretty much stayed inside except for the times Jim took the boys out for their walk.  It got up to 101 degrees, but then Saturday night it cooled down and the high on Sunday was in the 70's.

We have spent the last 18 days at Yosemite Lakes Thousand Trails RV Park between Groveland and the Yosemite Gate.  It's been a great place, but it has been difficult without internet and cell phone coverage.  We have made several trips down the mountain just to get our Internet fix and post my blogs.  The park has wifi, but it is only at the clubhouse and is so slow all you can do is check you e-mails.

So today, we wanted to go back and see Yosemite one more time.  The Milkweed were in bloom, but there weren't any Monarch butterflies.  We did get some great pictures with Yosemite Falls.

We didn't get a Monarch on the Milkweed, but we did get this butterfly on it.

The only road we had not take in Yosemite was the one leading to the Ahwahnee Hotel.  It's in a beautiful setting.

We parked and began to explore the grounds.  The Ahwahnee opened in 1927 and has entertained national figures such as Queen Elizabeth II and President John F. Kennedy.

We took the path around the hotel and to the Ahwahnee Bridge.

Walking over the bridge, there was a great view on each side.

We walked across and continued a way on the trail.

We looked to the right and had an even closer view of Half Dome.

On our way back, we spotted this mama duck and her ducklings.

This is the Great Lounge in the hotel which features three fireplaces large enough to sand in, plus overstuffed sofas and chairs.

On our way out, we made one last stop to view the park.

We loved Yosemite and have made lots of great memories!

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