Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Friday, June 28, 2013

A Visit To The USS Hornet

Today we took a different route going to Alameda to visit the USS Hornet.  We had remembered hearing about the USS Hornet when some of the astronauts had been picked up.

We learned that not only did the USS Hornet pick up Apollo 11 (the first manned lunar mission) and Apollo 12, but was also an active aircraft carrier (CV-12) towards the end of World War II.

We could not believe how enormous this ship was!  There were several aircraft on the flight deck.

We had just walked to the end of the flight deck when the announcement came that there would be a tour of the Island/Navigation Bridge.  We joined 8 others and climbed the stairs to the top.

Going inside was like going back in time.  The bridge was set up to look as it did during World War II down to the coffee pot.

This was the Navigation Bridge.

The captain's quarters on the bridge

This was the view looking out from the bridge.

When the tour to the bridge was over, we roamed around the ship on a self guided tour.

Here were some of the living quarters.

These were some impressive statistics, especially since this USS Hornet did not begin service until March 15, 1944.

There was an exhibit on Apollo 11 with the original Airstream trailer the astronauts stayed in to be sure they did not carry and contagious diseases back with them.

There were also some pretty impressive views of San Francisco from the flight deck of the ship.

You could see the fog rolling in behind the city.

We enjoyed learning a little more of the history of this great aircraft carrier!

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