Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Saguaro National Park and Pima Air & Space Museum

We had a busy day today!

This morning we drove into southern Tucson to visit the

The entry was very impressive.

This is a massive complex with 5 hangars full of airplanes and hundreds of airplanes and helicopters outside.  There are attack aircraft, bombers, cargo planes, fighter aircraft, refueling aircraft and more! The only thing I had ever seen anything like this was in the Smithsonian and this was so much bigger.

This is a vintage TWA jet.

This is the Air Force One that Presidents Kennedy and Johnson used.
 We spent a couple of hours looking at all there was to see.

It was time for lunch so we stopped for a quick bite and then drove to


 I have always loved the pictures of this beautiful tall cactus.  I was so excited to finally see them up close and personal. :)

I kept saying I feel like I'm in an Arizona Highways magazine, I guess we were.

More "sentinels" of the desert

Me with the Saguaro for some perspective.  They are so majestic.

More perspective.

We had a wonderful afternoon touring and hiking in the park.  This was the east side of the park and we are thinking about going to the west side tomorrow.

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  1. Good times! Are you planning on going to Wickenberg, AZ? We passed through there, but wished we had time to spend a couple of days. It's on our bucket list.