Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Sunday, April 28, 2013

RV Restriping and Exploring Mesa, Arizona

 We arrived at RV Stripes & Graphics in Apache Junction, Arizona on Monday. Steve, the owner, quickly got us parked in the back of the shop where we would be for the next 5 nights.  We had water and 30 amp hookups.

While they began the process, we used the days to explore some of the nearby areas.

Tuesday was probably going to be the noisiest day with all the graphics being removed.  We decided to take a drive up to the mountains with our pugs.

We headed north to Payson, then took Forest Road 64 through the mountains and back down to Roosevelt Lake.  The road was mostly like the picture below making for very slow going.

There were some nice views, but we were glad when we finally returned to paved roads.

 On Tuesday, we went to Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa for dinner.  We didn't go for the pizza, but to be entertained by the "Mighty Wurlitzer" which they say is the largest Wurlitzer pipe organ in the world. It has a really interesting history if you would like to read more about it.

When you first walk in, you see these large windows with different pipes and instruments.

 Then the magic begins!  You hear music and the organ begins to come out of the stage floor with the organist playing.

 She played music from Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia, Star Wars, Disney favorites, and more.  Music is usually played for about 45 minutes and then the organ goes back under the stage and the organist takes a 15 minute break.  We stayed for 3 of the performances that were all different.  The pizza and ice cream weren't bad either.

Here is a you tube video I found of the organist playing if you would like to see it in action.  If you are ever in this area, it is certainly worth a stop to see a performance and have some pizza.

Thursday, we took a ride on the "Desert Belle" on the Saguaro Lake located about thirty minutes from us.  It was a 90 minute narrated tour and was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

The boat took us through a canyon and around to the other side of the lake and back.  We did see a bald eagle which was very cool, but too fast for us to get a good picture.

As we went through the canyon, we saw the Four Peaks Mountain and were told this is the mountain that is depicted on the Arizona license plate.

This is Elephant Rock.  If you look closely, you can see the ear in the center of the picture with the trunk to the right of that.  We saw it, can you?

 A closer view of the Four Peaks, it was windy that day, so the dust created a haze.

 Saguaro cactus growing along the water's edge.  We learned that the Saguaro only grows in the Sonoran Desert.

Last, some pictures of the restriping process.  We were very pleased with RV Stripes & Graphics.  Steve went out of his way to be sure we were comfortable, everyone was very professional, and we were pleased with the final product.

RV door before

RV door after

Driveer's side of rv before

Same side after graphics were removed.

Same side completed.

It was a long process, but we are so happy with the end result.

Saturday, we head to Cottonwood so we can explore the Sedona area.

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  1. The rig looks great and you got some great little trips in while you waited.