Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cody Museum and South Fork Drive

We began our morning back at the Cody Museum to complete the other three sections.  Our first stop was the Plains Indians Museum which was also very good.

There were many full size replicas inside.  This teepee was part of a movie panorama.

 There were many artifacts on exhibit.

Next, we visited the art museum.  There were some spectacular western art paintings.  Looking outside the large picture glass window, you can see this statue of Buffalo Bill framed beautifully with the mountains behind him.

Our last stop was the gun museum.  I couldn't believe how large it was.  Unfortunately, I'm not much of a gun aficionado, so it was all kind of lost on me.

There was also a reproduction of a hunting lodge with many specimens of animals.  Here's a polar bear.

After completing all the museums, we went outside.  There are statues surrounding the complex.  We would highly recommend the Buffalo Bill Historical Museum.

After lunch, we took a drive out South Fork Road.  It had been recommended on our trolley tour yesterday.  It is a forty mile road that dead ends in the mountains, then you turn around and come back. We started off with farmland framed behind the mountains.

We continued driving following the Shoshone River most of the way.

We didn't really notice much of a climb, but we were beginning to be even with the tops of the mountains.

We even saw this sign, but we didn't see grizzly bears.

The mountains were beautiful, we never tire of the views!

I had to take this picture of this school.  It was at the end of the road.  We had been told on our tour yesterday about this school that is part of the Cody district and has 18 students.  The school was built so the kiddoes would not be on the bus for hours at a time.

We turned around and headed back enjoying the views that had been in the rearview mirror.

Tomorrow, we plan to take the Beartooth Highway.  We'll see how the views compare.