Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cowboy Opera & Rudy Guiliani

No, we didn't see Rudy Guiliani at the Cowboy Opera in Bandera, Texas, but I did see him the next day.

Tuesday, we decided to go to Bandera to see the Cowboy Opera.  Once a month, musicians donate their time and talents to raise funds for the Meals on Wheels program.  Before, the program, there is a light dinner served.  We went in to get our meal. I had gotten my tray and was getting my dessert, when a man came up and took my tray.  I thought, my, I guess they are really helpful here.  Then, he turned around and it was Larry and Pat who we had met and gotten to know at the Escapees Bootcamp in November!!! What a surprise! We thought they had headed north, but had stayed in Bandera, but were leaving Thursday.  We were certainly glad to see them and catch up with what they had been doing!

We all enjoyed the music that night. It was a mix of old country and new country music.  One of our favorites was the rendition of Good Hearted Woman.  One of the musicians sang both parts as Waylon and Willie.  He had two microphones and would go to one when he sang Willie Nelson's part and then went to the other one when he sang Waylon Jennings' part.  It was great!

On Wednesday, we went to San Antonio to have dinner with my parents. We had a wonderful dinner and then, my mother and I went to Trinity University where Rudy Guiliani was speaking.  I enjoyed his lecture, but the whole time he was speaking, I just kept thinking I am listening to history.  September 11th was one of those moments I will never forget and he was such an integral part of that time.

We safely arrived back at our place about 11:00 after a long day.

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