Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chuck Wagon Races

We planned to go to the Chuck Wagon Races at the Twin Elm Guest Ranch in Bandera.  We parked the car and then waited to be taken to the racing area. The tractor came, we piled on to the hay bales.

Before the races began, we were entertained by a professional roper

and there was another kind of professional ;)

Then, it was the national anthem as a rider rode around with the flag.

The races began.  Each team consists of a driver, cook, and outrider (the person on the horse).  In order to qualify, the outrider must finish before the wagon.  There were different size wagons ranging from small customized 

to full size.

All of the wagons went all out to win.

There was one moment when one of the horses came around in front of us not quite making the corner.  The horse veered right before he hit the fence in front of us, but the cowboy fell off and into the fence.  The cowboy got up, but appeared hurt.  He walked for awhile and then got back on another horse and was an outrider for the next race.  The horse was o.k., thank goodness.  

We left after a couple of hours and met Patricia and Phillip for dinner.  They're leaving Monday to head back to Washington. We went to Busbee's Bar B Que which was really good.  Then, we went to the Chickn' Coop for more visiting and to listen to the band.  It was another great day!

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