Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Monday, September 8, 2014

Natchez Trace Parkway

We left Pickwick Landing State Park to continue eastward to the Thousand Trails Natchez Trace RV Park.  We had read the reviews on RV Park Reviews about the low overpass and lo and behold it was right before the park.  11 feet and our rig is 13'2".  You can go off the road to the left and have more leeway to go under.  However, we decided to go the other way the park suggested coming in from the other side.  It saved a lot of stress for us.

We spent two days going north and south on the Natchez Trace Parkway.

We saw waterways,


bridges over streams,


tobacco plants,

 a barn from an old tobacco farm,

the old roadway from the old Natchez Trace,

another waterfall,

scenic overlooks,

and historical homes.

The speed on the parkway is 50 mph and it wasn't crowded, so we had a nice leisurely drive.

We stopped at the state line before going into Alabama.  

We had stopped at one of the visitor's center and were told about a rock wall just off the highway.  Tom Hendrix has been working for 30 years to build a rock wall to honor his great, great grandmother who had been sent from Tennessee to a reservation in Oklahoma following the Trail of Tears.  The wall is massive.

It has now become a stop for thousands of people following the parkway.  People from all over the world have brought rocks and stones to add.  It was pretty impressive.

Our last stop was a nature trail with these beautiful blooming flowers.

The orange flower if jewelweed and relieves poison ivy when the sap from the juice is rubbed on the rash.

These gorgeous blue butterflies were everywhere.

We only explored about 70 miles of 479 miles parkway loving every minute of it.


  1. Bob is really fascinated by the Trail of Tears. He needs to read some books on it. Thanks for the info on the rock wall. We like that story.

  2. P.S. When are you arriving at Travelers World?

    1. We're scheduled to come in December 6, but I need to call and see if I can change that to December 9. We'll be in San Marcos November 9. We figure that should be just about the time you will be getting back from your trip.

    2. You don't need to call. I can change it for you tomorrow to Tuesday, December 9, right?

      We will be back from our trip about November 1 or 2. We're crossing our fingers for a nice Indian Summer and that the Polar Vortex will be gone before we arrive.

    3. Thanks, that would be great! Yes, Nov 9-March 9. Thanks again!