Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Friday, September 19, 2014

Franklin On A Segway

Franklin, Tennessee is approximately 30 miles south of Nashville and today we would tour it on a segway.  We practiced riding the segways in the parking lot before moving on out into the town.  There was another couple, us, and our guide.

We were off!  We spent about 90 minutes riding through Franklin and learning about its history.  The Battle of Franklin was another Civil War battle fought on November 30, 1864.  The Confederate Army of Tennessee  was virtually destroyed between this battle and the Battle of Nashville which took place the next month.

The Carter House was "ground zero" during the battle.  Residents stayed in the basement during the battle.  It was said that it was so loud, you could not hear yourself scream.

You can still see bulletholes in the house and adjoining buildings.

We saw some beautiful old homes.

This house is decorated for Halloween.  It was quite a display.

We saw quite a few of these concrete pieces by the road and found out they were used as steps for people to get out of their carriages.

This beautiful home is the administration building for the O'More College of Design.  The home originally belonged to the founder of this college, Eloise Pitts O'More.

This Civil War monument is in the middle of the town's circle in downtown Franklin.  There's an interesting story to it.  It took some time for the ladies in town to raise enough money to have a statue honoring the Confederate soldiers made.  They finally were able to pay for the statue and as it was being raised,

it was dropped cracking part of the brim of the hat.  The dedication went on and the monument still stands.

There are also lots of beautiful new buildings.  We loved this group of homes

with this courtyard behind them.

We loved our tour in Franklin!

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