Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Name Is Misspelled?

We have been hangin' around Branson the past couple of weeks.  

We're staying out at another Corps of Engineers campground on Indian Point just past the entrance of Silver Dollar City.

Our first stop was the Branson 2 for 1 Tickets in the purple building on Highway 76.  It is the only discount ticket place that will not try to sell you a timeshare.  We walked in, picked out the shows we wanted tickets for, paid for the tickets and left.  They do not have tickets to all the shows, but they had enough for us to choose from.

We saw the Liverpool Legends, a Beatles tribute band,

the Grand Jubilee,

The Shepherd of the Hills,

which included a trip up to the Inspiration Tower which also has a zip line coming off of it,

and the outdoor drama.

Some of the other shows we saw were The Three Redneck Tenors, The Duttons and Tony Roii, an Elvis impersonator.

We also made a trip into Springfield, Missouri approximately 30 miles away.  Springfield is home to the  corporate offices and first Bass Pro Shop.  The entrance states it is "The Granddaddy of All Stores" and it is!  It is definitely an experience going through the place.

Another reason we went to Springfield was that my great grandmother and her parents lived there from 1870 until 1895 and I was trying to find records on them in the city archives.  I was successful there finding deeds and other records of my relatives.

I also wanted to find the grave of my great great aunt that I was named after.  It's always been a great family story.  My great great grandmother married a Confederate doctor at the beginning of the Civil War.  He was killed in the war, but she had a daughter who I was named after.  Peri died when she was 18 and was buried in Springfield.  We found the cemetery and I went into the office to see if they could help me locate the grave.  The lady in the office pulled out the old record book and we found the plot.

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  1. What a shock to think your name may have been spelled wrong your whole life. It looks like Branson agreed with you. You sure saw some great entertainment!