Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Greers Ferry Dam - Heber Springs, Arkansas

We're back in Arkansas a few days before we turn eastward.  We have found another wonderful place to stay.  This is the John F. Kennedy Campground at the Greers Ferry Dam in Heber Springs.

Here's our view from our campsite that overlooks the river.  The water released from the bottom of the dam is so cold a mist develops, especially with the hot days we have been having lately.  It's another fishermen's paradise.

We were able to walk over to the fish hatchery located a little ways from the campground.

This picture explains the life cycle of the trout.  We were surprised it takes 16 to 20 months  before the trout is stocked in the rivers.

Here are the "raceways" where the trout are put out to grow when they are about six months old.  There was a fence roof at the top to keep the birds out.

This is one of the pools filled with trout.  They were feeding them while we were there.  When the food was thrown into the pools, it looked like boiling water as the fish ate it.

There were some really large trout in this pool which was just for display to show how large trout could become.  We wanted to see the nursery where the eggs are hatched, but it was closed today.  We'll see it tomorrow.

There is an observation point of the dam and lake just outside our campground.  It was interesting to find out  John F. Kennedy was here to dedicate the dam on October 3, 1963.  It was his last major public appearance before his assassination.

We have really been grateful for the cool temperatures we have had this summer, but it looks like its over now.  The temperature has been near 100 degrees, but fortunately our rig is in full shade. We knew it was going to get hot sometime.  After all, it is summer in the South.

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