Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Sunday, March 23, 2014

We're In Alabama

Thursday, we left Fort Pickens to travel about 60 miles over the state line to Robertsdale, Alabama.  We're staying at a Coast to Coast park that is nestled in the pine trees halfway between Mobile and Pensacola.  The first thing we noticed was how quiet it was after we had been staying the hustle and bustle of spring break on the beach at Fort Pickens.

Friday was a beautiful sunny day and we decided to make the hour drive to visit Bellingrath Gardens.

Walter Bellingrath opened Mobile's first Coca Cola bottling plant.  He originally bought this land to use as a fishing camp.  His wife was an avid gardener and began taking cuttings and planting them at the property.

As the gardens grew, the Bellingraths opened their gardens for one day for people in the area to view.  So many people came the Bellingraths realized they could open their gardens to the public and charge a small admission price to help pay for the gardens upkeep.

Today, thousands of people still visit and with the changing flowers, the views are always different.

We were a little early, but the daffodils are in bloom.

Here is one of the reflection ponds in the gardens.

Lots of flowers were in bloom.

The tulips were also in full bloom.

Here is another pond outside the home on the grounds.

I loved this plantar full of tulips and that is parsley surrounding them.

This is the pathway leading to the water from the house.

We were hoping to see the Azaleas in full bloom, but because of the cold weather, they are later than usual.  These trees on the other side of the house were in bloom.

Here is the house overlooking Mirror Lake.

Walking back over the lake, turtles were lined up enjoying the nice, sunny day.

We spent several hours just wandering around the gardens and taking in the sunshine on this warm Spring day.

 Saturday, we drove back into Mobile to tour the USS Alabama.

This battleship was launched in 1942 and served throughout World War II.

 Jim and I thought this was one of the best tours through a military vessel.  There was an app to download on your phone, then the ship was divided into a yellow, green and red tour.  You followed the arrows and numbers and could read more about each exhibit with the information on the app.

Here is an exhibit for the kitchen and mess hall.

Jim was checking out the brig.

Here is another view on top of the ship.

The USS Alabama is part of Battleship Park where tanks, airplanes, and even a submarine can be viewed.  My battery went dead on my camera so I didn't get pictures of those.

We have really been enjoying the springlike days, but it looks like the weather will be changing again.

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