Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bike Tour Around Fort Pickens

We arrived at Fort Pickens Campground on Thursday.  It is located on the Gulf Shores National Seashore just past Pensacola Beach.

The water and sand are gorgeous.

The campground is in walking distance to the beach, we can't take our bikes on the boardwalk so it's better to walk than to ride down there.

Saturday, the park service offered a bike tour of Ft. Pickens.  We arrived at 10:00 to join 30 other people for the four mile bike ride.

The hurricanes have done a lot of damage to the trees here, but the ospreys love it.  They have built their nests at the tops and can easily survey the area for predators.

About halfway through the ride, we reached one of the bunkers with an observation deck.

We all climbed to the top to look around.

That's  Pensacola Naval Air Station directly across.

During the bike tour, we learned about this house which was originally a Life Saving Station.  These stations were manned by private contractors and were placed strategically around the shores to help stranded sailors or provide a marker for a distressed ship.  We were told that when a ship was in trouble, the house would shoot a cannonball towards the distressed ship.  That would provide coordinates to help find the ship.

We completed the tour with a great overview of the layout of the area.  There is a great bike trail throughout the park that was originally a railroad.

We decided to wait until Monday to tour Fort Pickens since it is the weekend.  More to follow...

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