Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Friday, July 20, 2012

Goodbye Colorado, Hello Wyoming!

We got an early start for us, we left the campground about 9:15 on our way to Guernsey, Wyoming.  It would be a 250 mile drive, that's a long way for us!  It's funny how things change, it was nothing for us to drive 500 miles a day when we were on a 2 week vacation.  Now, 250 miles seems longggg!

We had originally planned to stop in Cheyenne, but Cheyenne Frontier Days is taking place making it difficult to find a spot there and also the rv spaces are more expensive.

I was able to make reservations at Guernsey State Park for 5 days so that was our destination.

When we arrived, we found out why it was so easy to get in.  I knew there had been a fire here at the end of June,

but we didn't know they had drained the reservoir and there is only a trickle of water going through the lake.

Then, on top of that we were charged for another campsite because I have a car
 making the site $34 instead of $17.  OUCH!!!

Since I had paid for the campsite in advance, we would have lost all of that money if we had left, so we paid the extra and have decided to make the best of it.  Of course, we won't be staying at any more Wyoming state parks.

I have now learned the lesson to call the state parks we are staying at in advance to see how much they charge for an extra car.  We have had to pay extra at some of the other parks we have stayed at, but never that much!

It's also really hot, it was 103 degrees when we got here, so we will have to do everything early in the morning!

So, you win some and you lose some, but I still say it's better than getting up every morning and going to work. :)

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