Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Monday, October 17, 2011

Scenic Drive and a Dinner Surprise

After a late breakfast, we decided to check out the Scenic Byway on Highway 7. We drove through Hot Springs, then stopped to pick something up for lunch from

We drove a little further and found the perfect place to eat!

This is a great spot!

After lunch we took a walk on the

It was a beautiful walk. We just don't have trees like this in central Texas.

We continued on and came upon a scenic drive, so the sign said. It was a little too scenic for us when we realized we were on a gravel road looking down the side of a mountain. The picture just doesn't do a good job in depicting how high we were as well as how close we were to the edge.

When we finally came upon a place to turn around, we did just that. It was a little too rustic for us.

We continued our drive until we came to the old Hollis CCC Camp. All that is left are the rock structures and fireplaces.

We turned around to go back to DeGray Lake. We did see some signs of Fall.

We will be back in this area in about 10 days. We're hoping to see even more colors then.
We arrived back at our site and decided to go to the lodge for their fish and rib buffet. This was the view from our table.

And a surprise, there was a wedding going on down below! It was fun watching from afar. What a beautiful setting!

Dinner was great. The meat fell off the ribs. We visited for awhile with the camp hosts who are staying across from us. They had also come to try out the buffet. They live in Hot Springs Village. They camp host here for two weeks, then go back home. They will camp host again two weeks later at Lake Ouachita. We thought it was interesting that they only worked a two week stint. This might be something we might want to do later.

So, we wanted to end our day with some of our pictures of this beautiful place. We leave on Monday. Stay tuned for our next stop. :)

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