Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Boat Trip and a Walk in the Woods

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
We woke up to a sunny day with no wind, a great day to take out our Sea Eagle. We have an inflatable Sea Eagle Foldcat boat. It's great for small lakes and rivers.
Here's Jim and the process of putting it together and inflating it. It takes about twenty minutes to put together, inflate, and get in the water.

The seats haven't been put on yet, but after we did that, we were off! Here are some of the views from the water

This a couple of the cabins on the state park.

This is an elaborate stone barbeque and patio.

Below is a two story log cabin.

This is the state park from the water.

We returned to the rv for lunch, then took off for the two miles falls trail. The trail was rated easy to moderate. We didn't realize it, but we actually went backwards doing the harder part of the trail first. One of the first things we encountered was a tree that had recently fallen across the trail. We had to duck and walk underneath to get back on the trail.

There were bridges, vistas, and walks through the colorful foliage.

We got to the falls and there was a small stream going down. We were told there has to be a big rainfall for them to stream full force. It is approximately 10 feet tall.

We completed the trail with more views of the lake.

As we walked back to our site, we stopped as this camper was feeding the geese.

Tomorrow, a grey, drizzly day is forecasted. Sometimes you have to have days like that to catch up on all the inside stuff. :)
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Location:Lake Catherine State Park, Arkansas

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