Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lake Of The Pines and Caddo Lake

After we left Columbus, we stopped at the Escapees' Park in Livingston for the night on our way to Lake O' The Pines near Jefferson, Texas.

We had an absolutely gorgeous site

 complete with this large deck

and incredible view!  It would be our lake home for the next two weeks. :)  We love COE parks!

On Father's Day, we went to the buffet at Big Pines Lodge in Karnack by Caddo Lake State Park.  

After our wonderful lunch, we boarded the Graceful Ghost for an hour long boat ride up the river.  The boat is a replica of an 1800's era steamboat and is the last known wood burning, steam powered, stern paddle-wheel touring vessel in the world.  It reminded me of the boat from the movie African Queen.

We began our short excursion down the river.

Spanish moss  hung gracefully from the trees.  We found out on the tour that the moss has to have so much humidity and as you look higher in the trees, there is no Spanish moss.

The furnace on the boat needed to occasionally have firewood added to it to keep the boat going.  We were also fascinated watching the paddlewheel turn in the back.

A turtle sunned himself on a log.

"Knees" from the Cypress trees extended out from the water.

Parts of the river were calm and open.

After our afternoon on Caddo Lake, we returned home to catch the sunset.


  1. You are living the good life. Wow, what a nice deck, and a wonderful Father's Day.

  2. Gorgeous spot. Which campground at Lake o the Pines is it?

    1. Hi, Colleen! It was Buckhorn Creek COE at the Lake O' The Pines.