Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How To See Moab Without Visiting Any National Parks

We arrived in Moab on October 3, day 3 of the government shutdown.  We were really hoping some agreement would be reached, but that didn't happen, so we were not able to go to Arches or Canyonlands National Parks.  However, we were given some wonderful alternatives by residents.

We stayed at the OK RV Park using our Passport America and had this wonderful view.

We took the La Sal Mountain Loop Road for more magnificent views.  As we began the climb up, you look down at the rock formations below.

As we came to the top of the mountains, snow began to fall.  We knew it was just at the top so we had a really good time driving in the snow.  We hadn't actually seen snow falling in over 20 years!

The snow made lots of great pictures.

It was something we could enjoy knowing when we got back to the campground, it would be much warmer than here on the top of the mountain.

We enjoyed the drive so much, we did it again a couple of days later from the other direction when there were no clouds. Before we made our way back to the top, we stopped at the movie museum at Red Cliffs Lodge.  It was interesting, we had no idea of all the movies that had been shot at this location.

As we made our way back up, we got some gorgeous views of the red rocks.  If they look familiar, you probably have seen them in a movie or commercial.

We didn't get to go to Arches National Park, but we did see a few arches that were not in the park.

This is the Jug Handle Arch.

Here is the Wilson Arch which can be viewed right on Highway 191.  It, too, was pretty spectacular.

One afternoon, we took a neat hike to the Corona Arch.  As we climbed up, we were able to glance back at the rocks and river below.

We arrived at the arch.  Each one is different and each is pretty spectacular.

There were a group of rock climbers on the top.  You can see them, the tiny dots at the middle left of the picture.

We watched several of them fly off the top using a rope.

We really enjoyed this hike through this gorgeous scenery.

As you drive down Potash Road, there are several places to stop to see some amazing petrogylphs.

There were several sections and everywhere you looked, you would see a different picture.  They were some of the best we have seen and here they were right on the side of the road.

We couldn't go to Canyonlands National Park, but Dead Horse Point State Park was open and that was the next best thing.

There were some gorgeous views below of the Canyonlands.  It reminded us a lot of Grand Canyon.

There was a rim trail we followed up to the point for more views.

We were disappointed that we could not go to the national parks, but there was still plenty to see.  We'll just have to get back here another time. :)

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