Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Making Repairs and Capitol Reef National Park

We spent a couple of peaceful days at Pleasant Creek Ranch.  Jim had to drive almost back to Salt Lake City to get another tire for the fifth wheel.  He went to Camping World thinking they would be more helpful with our Good Sam Road Hazard Warranty, they were not.  They fixed the tire, but said we would have to take care of the warranty issues, they would not even call the toll free number, so when I did,  I was told I could file the claim, but they had many questions that would need to be answered about the tire (meaning they probably would not honor the claim since Camping World did not call them before replacing the tire).  So, right now we are not very happy Camping World customers. 

Anyway, we got the new tire back on the fifth wheel in order to continue on to our next destination, Torrey, Utah.  

We arrived at Thousand Lakes RV Park and had this view from our front door.  We don't get tired of those big colorful mountains.

The reason we were here was to go to Capitol Reef National Park.

We arrived at the Visitor's Center and watched the film about the park learning it is one of the newer national parks, being designated as that in 1971.

This area had included the little town of Fruita, a Mormon settlement with 10 families that farmed and raised fruit to sell and trade.  The fruit trees are still here and we stopped to pick some apples.

 The mountain colors and shapes were spectacular!

We literally went through mountain walls through some of the drives in the park.

We took the 2 mile hike to Hickman's Bridge climbing over and through the mountains to see it.   There is no better way to see a national park than to get out and take some of the hikes on their designated trails.  You can see Jim below to get a perspective of how large everything is.

And here's Hickman's Bridge.

This is a rock formation called Egyptian Temple.  From this perspective, that's just what it looked like.  The rocks are massive.
We spent two days here and were glad to be able to visit another wonderful national park.  Our next destination, Bryce Canyon National Park, about 120 miles south.

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