Tales From The Camping House

Tales From The Camping House

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boot Camp

November 2-6
We arrived at the Escapees' Rainbow Park in Livingston. Escapees is a wonderful organization dedicated to rving and especially to people who fulltime rv. We met lots of wonderful people who love to travel and many stories were shared.

We took a tour of the park knowing the park was big, but had no idea of the scope of the organization. Escapees provides a mail service to fulltimers big enough to have their own zip code.

There is even an extended care facility for members to park their rv and receive meals and medical services for an extended time.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent in sessions dealing with many safety aspects of our rvs. There were sessions on rv systems, tire safety, weight management, and fire safety. It was a wonderful learning experience and we would recommend it for everyone interested in rving whether it is part time, weekends, or full time.

Before we left, we were weighed and thankfully we were 750 pounds under our maximum limit.

Location:Livingston, Texas

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